Other Orthodontic “No-Nos”:

Other Orthodontic “No-Nos”:

Lip biting

Pushing your tongue against your teeth

Chewing on pencils or pens

Tearing things with your teeth

Biting your fingernails

Dental Hygiene during Treatment


As you eat, your teeth, braces and appliances collect food. If food is left on teeth overnight, a thick plaque forms on the teeth and gums. Plaque causes bad-breath, tooth decay and gum disease (swollen, puffy, red, overgrown, or bleeding gums). Drinks and foods containing sugar can damage the tooth surfaces and gum tissue. Bleeding and swollen gums are a sure sign that plaque is not being properly removed. If your gums are swollen and inflamed your teeth will not move as easily, you will experience more discomfort during your treatment and white spots or decay will form on the teeth under and around the braces and appliances. It is discouraging to work hard to straighten teeth, only to finish and find decay or white spots on the teeth. The following is essential for the proper care of your teeth and gums

Waterpik- We highly recommend the use of a Waterpik to loosen food and plaque before flossing and brushing. The Waterpik should be used on the lower water pressure settings so the gum tissue is not excessively irritated. The use of a Waterpik does not take the place of good toothbrushing.

Dental Floss – Although somewhat time-consuming, dental floss should be used when wearing braces or appliances. Floss at least once per day just before bedtime and use a floss threader if necessary.

Soft Bristled Toothbrush – Use your toothbrush after each meal and before bedtime. A travel brush carried in a purse or placed in a locker is great for brushing after lunch. Examine your teeth for food and plaque and thoroughly clean all surfaces of the gums, teeth and braces. Re-examine your teeth to make sure all visible food and plaque have been removed. Repeat this step as often as needed to assure that no visible plaque or food remains. Extra care must be taken in the area between your gums and the braces. Concentrate on brushing your gums and the gumline as well as your teeth. orthodontist
Electric Toothbrush – Although it is not absolutely necessary for good hygiene, an electric toothbrush may make brushing easier.

A Few Tricks – Since most patients watch some TV, we have found it to be effective to sit down in front of the TV daily with a toothbrush without toothpaste, and massage the teeth and gums with the toothbrush bristles for about 30 minutes. Thirty minutes gives you plenty of time to do a good job, and makes TV time more productive. Brushing while listening to music or studying is also acceptable. You may want to use toothpaste to freshen your breath, but don’t use toothpaste during this 30 minutes. We want you to avoid the “once over lightly” technique. To concentrate better, you may use your left hand if you are right handed, and vice versa. The most important time to brush is just before going to bed. Take your time and do it right.invisalign braces - orthodontics

Regular Dental Checkups – Although you are having your braces checked regularly, it is very important to continue to see your family dentist at least every six months for a thorough examination and cleaning of your teeth. If you experience difficulty with good oral hygiene you my need to see your dentist more frequently.

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Successfully winning a car accident claim

Successfully winning a car accident claim

Successfully winning a car accident claim can depend on your actions after the crash. There are certain things you need to do that will help your injury attorney prove liability and win a fair compensation for your damages. Below is a short guide of what to do after you are involved in a car crash.personal Injury Attorneys
Stay Calm

Try to stay calm and get out of the car if you are able to. If you are badly injured stay in your car and wait for the ambulance. You will need to calmly collect information from the other party, such as their name, address, vehicle license number and name of their auto insurance company.

Remain at the Accident Scene

It is not OK to leave the scene of an accident where there are injuries before the police arrive and question you. There are laws against fleeing an accident scene where someone has been injured.

Call 911

When someone is involved in a serious accident where there are personal injuries or a death they should immediately call 911 for emergency medical help. When you call 911 the police or highway patrol will also be summoned to the scene.

Observe the Scene and Write Down What Happened

It is important to write down what happened as soon as possible so you won’t forget any details. What did the other drive have to say? What were the road conditions? What time of day was it? Was it rainy or not? How many passengers were with you and were they hurt? How many passengers were in the other car and were any of them hurt? These are all facts your car accident lawyer will want to know.

Don’t Say You Were at Fault

Even if you were at fault you should never admit this to the other driver. Only give the other driver the information they need to report the accident to their insurance company. This means name, address and vehicle license number. Try to be friendly but don’t say more than is necessary.car accident attorney

Take Pictures

If you have your cell phone with you it is a good idea to take pictures of the accident scene. You can also record it with your video recorder. Take a picture of the damages to your car and to the other car.

Talk to Witnesses

If people are around that saw the accident happen, ask them what they saw. You should write it down or record what they say with your phone. Be sure to get their names and contact information.

Get Medical Help

Never refuse medical help, even if you don’t feel like you were hurt badly. You never know how your injuries can manifest later. Getting medical help will give you proof of injury too.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Report your accident as soon as possible to your insurance provider. Contact a car accident attorney when someone has sustained a personal injury in the accident or when you believe a wrongful death attorney may be of help.

Traffic Strategies for your Website – Blogging

Traffic Strategies for your Website

Are you searching for strategies to get more blog traffic? You have finally created a blog and you’ve created your very first post. Now in what way do you get people to truly read what you’re blogging about? Here are some tips on marketing strategies to get blog traffic.seo

1) Quality Content – Fascinating content will keep your readership coming back. Update your blog regularly. Googlebot, which is Google’s web-crawling robot adores new content. The more you update your blog site, the more frequent the search engine spiders will come back to it.

2) Take part in blog exchange communities. Ask other blog developers for their view on your blog site and take their points on board.

3) Publish an RSS/Atom/XML feed. If you’re using Blogger, you can activate RSS feed by clicking on settings within your dashboard and then clicking on site feed and make certain that your settings are set to yes.

4) Rigorously choose your subject titles, taking into consideration what other internet users might be hunting for. Use keywords within your title. I suggest subscribing to Word Tracker. Technorati.com , is an internet blog search engine that also lists the top search words. The more targeted your keywords are, the greater your return in search engines shall be.

5) Take part in commenting on various other blogs. You may gain a loyal readership just by offering feedback to your fellow blog developers. The comment feature lets you to add a link back to your own particular blog also.blogging

6) Be sure to include your blog address in forum signatures and in your email signature.

7) Put forward your blog site to directories. Submit your blog site’s url to Technorati, Daypop, Blogdex and Popdex.

8) Create articles. Include a resource box in your article and submit it to article directories such as iSnare.com

9) If you are employing blogging software like Blogger, there is a choice to inform the central blog update services (such as weblogs.com) whenever you’ve created a brand new entry to your blog. Make certain that this option is turned on! In blogger, click on publish within your dashboard and make sure that your settings are set to yes under notify weblogs. As an alternative, you are able to go to ping-o-matic.com and forward a ping each time you bring up to date your blog. This lets everyone know that you have lately updated your blog site.

10) Link to other blog sites. Employ services like blogrolling, which is similar to linking. Blogrolling allows you to keep an updated listing of your favorite blog sites. But, do not build a long blog roll of sites that you have no plan of returning to. There’s nothing more annoying then visiting an internet blog that has a massive blogroll. blog marketing

Be patient, traffic doesn’t happen right away. The most beneficial way that I have found to enhance traffic is by getting to know people. Spend what free time that you’ve, reading through blogs, leaving feedback and constructing friendships. Try to post comments on the blogs that you visit as often as you can. Whilst you’re waiting for the traffic to arrive, just get pleasure from building blogs. You’ll be bettering your writing as a byproduct. Ultimately you’ll construct a network of not just web site visitors, but friends and loyal supporters. Building blogs is not just about advertising; it is about creating enduring relationships not merely accumulating instant methods for how to get blog traffic.

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Well, to tell you the truth, I am not at all sure. Thought I would let you know that you are not alone! While I am certainly learning, I always take time to wonder if I am learning what I should be learning.

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