DACA – What Is It And How Will It Impact If It Is Ended?

The President of United States has indicated that he wants to close the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program for the immigrants. This program was started by the ex-president Obama that benefited more than 7,50,000 immigrants.

What is DACA?:
It is a program, in which young people who migrated from other countries, have been living here for a long time and who do not have the required documentation are protected from being deported. These young people arrived as children here as immigrants with no documentation or authorization and these people are called as the Dreamers. The kids who are below the age of 16 and are residing in the country from June 15, 2007, are qualified for DACA. These immigrants cannot be aged more than 30 as per the guidelines set by the Homeland security set in 2012. As per the government records, DACA has approved close to 787580 residents since the Obama government started this program. Though the DACA does not allow such immigrants to become permanent U.S citizens, it will enable them to study in college, apply for jobs, get driver’s license.

Impact of withdrawing this program:
If this program is ended, nearly 800000 people’s lives are likely to be affected. Trump has agreed to give a breather of six months to the Congress so that they can come up with measures to deal with this situations. By then the Congress can make laws and legislate them so that the migrants can stay in the United States. But what is unknown is how the Congress can resolve this issue and get the bill passed.

There are a few supporters of DACA program, and that includes Paul Ryan who is the House Speaker. These people have approached Trump and asked to continue with this program till the Congress finds a viable resolution. Top Republicans were reported saying that the Congress has to come up with solutions for this matter.

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