Florida Ordered Evacuations As Irma Intensifies

Florida is going to face a hurricane called Irma and is amongst the many storms that the United States has had this year. The officials after finding out that is a category five have stated that the evacuation is necessary and will be started Tuesday. This hurricane is categorized as the most potent in the past decade to strike Florida.

This warning has come a week after the Texas Hurricane Harvey, which killed about 60 and the city is still limping back to normal. The Hurricane Irma is strengthening and has recorded gusty winds of more than 180 miles per hour.

The Florida Keys which is a popular destination for vacationers is the in the line of the storm as forecasted by the met department. The Florida Keys has a series of islands and currently has a population of 80000 people residing. With a large number of people staying in there, the place had been ordered to be evacuated starting Wednesday.

The course the storm will take is yet to be determined, but the Mayor of Miami Dade which has the highest population in the county with 2.7 million residing is not taking any chances. He has asked the people living there to be ready with food and other essential supplies stocked and also said that some of the areas might need to be moved to safer areas.

The Miami University announced on Tuesday that the classes would be canceled from Wednesday till the weekend at its two campuses. The officials of the city of Miami also warned the people who reside in the structures beside the cranes to move out of their houses before the storm hits as the cranes cannot hold up gusty winds of 145 miles per hour and hence the arms of the vehicle can be dangerous as they can fall. Those living on the top floors are in huge risks if the crane falls on those buildings.

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