When Will Solar Eclipse Today?

Monday, 21st Of August, United States will get to see a total solar eclipse. The U.S last experienced this phenomenon in 1979. The solar eclipse happens when the moon is between the sun and the earth. The eclipse will move from the west to the east coast, and 14 states are expected to get dark for a few minutes when it happens. Not all states will see the eclipse in totality but will get to see it eclipsed partially. A partial solar eclipse transpires when the moon is blocking a part of the sun and not entirely. The total duration of it can be 2 to 3 hours.
You can see the eclipse at the below time.

Oregon: Viewers in Oregon will be the first place to glimpse this eclipse and will start at 9.05 AM, PDT and the total eclipse begins at 10.16 AM PDT. The next to see will help the people of Madras city, and it will be at 9.06 AM partial eclipse, and the total at 10:19 AM PDT and will end at 10:21 AM. The entire phenomenon will stop at 11:41 AM.

Columbia: The next city to experience this eclipse after Oregon and begins at 1:13 PM EDT, a total eclipse is at 2:41 PM. The eclipse will be over by 4:06 PM.

Illinois: You can view the eclipse in Carbondale and the partial starts at 11:52 AM, CDT, and the total begin at 1:20 PM. The most extended total eclipse will happen in this place and will be lasting for 2 minutes and 40 seconds as per NASA. 2:47 PM is the time when the eclipse is ending.
Kentucky: The solar eclipse in this place will begin at 11:54 AM CDT, and total eclipse is at 1:22 PM and last for 2 minutes till 1:24 PM and the entire solar eclipse will end at 2:49 PM.

Idaho: The people viewing the eclipse can catch it at Idaho Falls and will start at 10:15 AM MDT. After an hour, that is at 11:33 AM the total eclipse will begin and last for a minute, and the entire eclipse will be ending at 12:58 PM.

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