Top Science News In 2017

A lot happened in 2017, and every day a something was happening in all domains from politics to debates on gender equality to health care to climate control. Science was also not left behind, and many important events occurred and here are a few of the top things that happened.

Solar Eclipse: It was an event that had taken many years to come. The first solar eclipse to cross the U.S happened on August 21. Many people chose to get away from their routine and watch this phenomenon and also provided scientists to learn more about the sun and the role of earth in the solar system.

Seadragon: A ruby sea dragon was observed by scientists in January in the Southern Australian coast. This animal was never seen before by anyone and was swimming. The scientists used an underwater camera to capture this rare animal which looked like a seahorse. The same animal was found dead in 1919, but there was no trace of more like them, but only in 2015, it was declared as a new animal.

Evidence of life: In March this year, scientists said that they found rocks in Quebec which were made 3.8 billion years back. Again in September, a Japanese team revealed that Labrador had stones that were made of graphite and supposedly had come from organisms that were found 3.95 billion years earlier.

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